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Braids, A Timeless Trend

Braids have always been a timeless, never go wrong hair style, but the braid trend sweeping all our Instagram news feeds right now is the Parting Braid.

A parting braid is a single braid that goes halfway down the middle of the head, where a middle part would be, and ends in either a ponytail or a top knot. This braid is a wear anywhere look and can be dressed either up or down, the possibilities are endless.

Some of our other favorite braided looks include the braided up do, the double dutch braids, braided space buns, and fishtail braids!

You can achieve the parting braid or any other braid you can think of with the help of Salon One stylists or you can achieve these looks at home with a patient mind and a few of these tools

1. Rubber Bands

2. A Rat tail Comb

3. A teasing comb (optional)

4. Aveda Air Control or Control Force hairspray

5. Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo

6. Aveda Texture Tonic

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