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Curly hair- the hair that every straight haired girl envy's and every curly haired girl hates. If your a curly haired girl know your curls are BEAUTIFUL and can be easy to manage as well ( yes, seriously). Every curly haired girl has been through the struggle of finding hair products that enhance their curls while still maintaining and controlling the frizz. This struggle often leads many girls to give up on their curls and turn to the dreaded straightener to fix their problems. Your struggle is over, you can now start embracing your curls again with Aveda's "Be Curly" line.

Be Curly maximizes and enhances any natural curl in your hair, from subtle waves to tight coils. Be Curly Curl Enhancer’s star ingredients, wheat protein and organic aloe, help hair expand when it’s wet and retract when dry to intensify your curl or wave. We love it because it won’t make curls feel crunchy, and the added ingredient of geranium gives them a light floral aroma. Be Curly will intensify and enhance your curls and waves while providing extra shine and frizz defense, making it a must have for anyone with a little spring in their step … or hair. Take back your curls and love them again!

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