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Do I Want Bangs?

The question of whether or not you want bangs is a question every girl has asked herself at least once. Cutting your bangs is a huge decision to make, they change your look completely, and are a pain to grow out if you don't like them. Bangs can either be the best thing you've ever done for your hair or something you wish you hadn't. Consider these points before making the chop at your next Salon visit.

1. Bangs will grow faster than you expect. ( Expect on needing a trim every 2-3 weeks)

2. Bangs will not always look red carpet ready. ( They're high maintenance so expect to put in a lot of work)

3. DO NOT cut your own bangs. ( As tempting as it may be all this will accomplish is more work on yours and your stylists part)

4. Can I still get bangs with curly hair? (YES, Just expect to put in even more work and spend more time on them)

5. Your bangs will get oily faster. ( To avoid this you can wash your bangs alone in the sink quickly and easily)

6. The dreaded bang grow out. ( Bangs grow fast but the time between short bangs and long bangs seems to last forever, luckily there are ways to style grown out bangs)

7. Choosing the style. ( Consider your hair texture and type, as well as your hair part, when choosing a bang style)

8. Consider your face shape. ( Be aware of how the bang style can flatter your face shape)

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