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Fall Hair Trends

Fall is the season of fashion, It's just cold enough and just warm enough to experiment with new trendy fashion, so why not experiment with your hair as well. People always tend to go red in the fall which is always a go to color, but there are so many more fall hair colors to play with this season! Its time to embrace the sweater weather with a new hue! In this post we'll share some tips and tricks for changing your hair this fall!


-Lowlights are a great way to go darker for the fall without committing to dyeing all your hair. Lowlights are exactly the opposite of highlights: they are darker pieces of hair, dyed underneath layers and around the neck to provide dimension and movement to the hair.

The Autumn Palette

-Once fall hits, you may find yourself asking, "what color should I dye my hair?" Simply look around you to find inspiration! The fall color palette includes beautiful burnt reds, warm golden tones, chocolate hues, and deep browns.

Consider your Skin Tone

-Skin tone plays a huge role in which hair color will look the best on you. The first step to picking your perfect shade is to look at the undertones in your skin. There are 3 classifications for undertones: warm, cool, and neutral.

Go Darker Progressively

-Dyeing your entire head a dark color in one go may seem tempting, but it can be a shocking change for most; the best way to avoid color regret and to ensure healthy locks along the way, is to darken your hair progressively. Darkening your hair one shade at a time will ensure that your new hair color doesn't look too forced or unnatural.

Don't Forget about the Brows

-Remember that dyeing your hair darker means you need the brows to match! This means that you’ll either need to find a new product to fill your brows in with, or you’ll need to tint them to match.

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