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Happy Scalp, Good Hair

A great shampoo is one of the key components of a quality hair service, but is regularly overlooked as being of little importance. The shampoo not only relaxes the client and makes them feel better about their experience but also has so many health benefits as well.


-Conditions the scalp

-Prevents dryness and flakes

-Softens the hair

-Helps spread natural oils

-Strengthens roots/hair shaft

-Promotes blood circulation

-Helps prevent brittleness and split ends

The pressure applied to the scalp during shampooing increases blood flow and circulation through the blood vessels, which sets the hair follicle cells to receive more nutrients necessary for hair growth.

The massaging during the shampoo promotes relaxation, aiding in the production of "feel good" chemicals, which help your organs to function more effiecently while also aiding in hair growth.

The shampoo is a vital component of your hair appointment because it promotes relaxation, improves your mood.

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