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So you want to go blonde? 5 things you should know

Blonde hair can be high maitenece, so if youre thinking about going blonde for the first time, or even spicing up your already blonde strands, here are some tips you should know before lighteneing or bleaching your hair

1. Your Natural Hair Color Matters

(If your natural hair color is very dark, you may need a transition plan for your hair color journey, this is to protect the health of your hair)

2. Hair Care is a must

( Blonde hair requires an upgraded hair care routine, just any shampoo wont do, a good purple shampoo is a must to keep your blonde locks shiny and vibrant, Aveda's Blue Malva is reccomended)

3. The Term Blonde isn't Universal

( When it comes to going blonde, bringing a photo in for reference is always your best bet, there are so many shades of blonde, a picture is the best way to keep your stylist on your same page)

4. You have Blonde Options

( Keeping up with blonde hair requires a lot of attention from you and a lot of trips to the salon, If high maitnence hair isn't for you, ask your stylist about getting a balayage, its easier to keep up with and can still give you the beautiful blonde you're looking for)

5. Be Honest with your Stylist

( This is the most important tip, you should always be open and honest with your stylist about your hair history, knowing what has previously been done to your hair will help your stylist adjust your color formula to get the best result for you)

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