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Summer Hair Problems and Their Simple Solutions

Summer is undoubtedly the greatest time of the year, but can definitely cause some severe bad hair days. Here are some quick tricks to tame your mane this summer and keep you enjoying the sun while still looking and feeling your best.

Hair Problem: Uncontrollable Frizz

Hair Fix: To combat frizz try carrying coconut oil with you and every time you feel the humidity causing your hair to frizz apply it.

Hair Problem: Faded Color and Damage from the Sun

Hair Fix: If your hair is colored try using Avedas Color Conserve line to lock in your color, you can also prevent fading by creating a shield between the sun and your hair by using Avedas protective sun veil.

Hair Problem: Chlorine and Salt Water Damage

Hair Fix: Wash your hair before and after you go for a dip, also use weekly hair masks to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

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